Golf League

Join us for our May-June Golf League

Duration and Location

Our Queens on the Greens May-June Golf League will be held at Enterprise Golf Course every Tuesday beginning May 7, 2024 through June 25, 2024 with tee times starting at 5pm.


We’ll play in same two-Queen teams for the duration of the 8-week league. You can indicate your teammate preference when registering or we can match you up. In the event you aren’t able to play in a weekly match, please post in the GroupMe to locate an alternate. If no alternate is located, the team member who is available to play can carry the team score for the week. However, teams having only one player for two consecutive weeks will be disqualified.


We’ll play a Four-Ball Stroke Play format where two partners in each foursome compete together, and each golfer plays their own ball throughout the entire round.

The team score on each hole is the lowest of the two players’ scores on that hole. If only one golfer holes out on any given hole, that player’s score becomes the team score and the other partner does not need to hole out or write down a score.

Both members of the team hole their own ball and the lowest score between the two teammates is marked on the team scorecard. It’s OK for one partner not to record a score in Four-Ball stroke play. The other partner’s score will simply become the team score. The scorecard must clearly show a team score for each hole and which individual partner made each score in the team score. At the end of the round, each team will have a 9-hole score.

Here’s a sample scorecard for 4 holes:


Each week there will be prizes for closest to pin and longest drive. There will also be prizes for the top teams at the conclusion of league play.

Requirements to Join

  1. Be a Queens on the Greens Premium Member
  2. Pay the $80 League Registration Fee
  3. Pay weekly greens and golf cart fees of $30 at the golf course
  4. Be ready to have friendly competitive FUN
  5. Sign up here.
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